Islam is Fear

Islam incites its followers to commit violence

by Bob Smith

Would you wear a T-shirt with a Mohammad cartoon printed on it?

You might in Montana. Don’t try it in Mecca.


Because, Islam trains a small number of its most devout believers it’s OK to kill. And Islamic killers have been trained to kill anyone who insults Allah and/or Mohammad.

In Montana you’d have a good chance none of these Islamic killers would see you.

In Mecca you wouldn’t last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. It is that simple.

You don’t believe me? Ask any Muslim!

This article is about these Islamic killers and the fear they generate.

Islamic society is trapped by a self-replicating, endless cycle of violence and fear, driven by its most devout believers. The cycle goes like this.

The Violence

Within Islam, each generation’s most devout believers train a small percentage of the next generation’s most devout believers that it is OK to commit violence in the name of Islam. This becomes an endless cycle because these devout believers are: 
  • Instructed to kill anyone who tries to modify or stop the teaching of this violence.
  • Instructed to be self-initiating. 
  • Trained in every part of the Islamic Uma. 
  • They blend in with the general population and cannot be easily identified until they commit their acts of violence. 
  • The number of these devout believers is high enough to reach a sort of critical mass – which assures continuation of the endless loop.

The Fear

Because (1) these potential killers are trained everywhere within Islam and evenly distributed throughout the greater Islamic population (ummah) and (2) because they cannot be easily identified, it means any devout believer anywhere could be the next killer. Every Muslim is aware of this potential threat (fear) from these most devout believers. As a result all Muslims suffer from the same fear that drives the system.

The violence and fear created by these devout believers has a profound effect on Islam. It is at the core of what Islam has become. The violence/fear cycle is responsible for all the irregularities of Islamic society. It is why Muslims seem so pious (fear of a negative response from the most devout believers). It is why Muslims don’t leave the faith and why they don’t integrate when they emigrate. (The killers are trained to kill anyone who leaves the faith). It is why moderate Muslims never speak up (the killers are trained to kill anyone who questions the faith). It is why Muslims from Morocco to the Philippines riot over a handful of cartoons or a simple comment from the Pope. (The killers’ riot and others go along in order to look pious.)

This violence/fear cycle leaves a deep psychic scar on Muslim society and is responsible for what Islam is. Understanding this violence/fear system is the ultimate key to understanding Islam. No attempts to deal with Islamic violence will ever succeed unless they address the cause of this violence/fear cycle.

Describing this violence/fear system - the Islamic killers - and their cyclical nature is difficult for a number of reasons. First and foremost the violence/fear system is huge. Even though it is in plain sight, its sheer size and uniqueness makes it difficult to see. Additionally most Muslims (and non-Muslim apologists) deny the existence of these killers. Furthermore because these killers are widely and evenly distributed throughout Islamic society and usually never seen until they commit their acts of violence, it is difficult to connect these independent killers into any kind of Islamic cyclical system. Also because the system is cyclical, the starting point of the discussion is difficult to identify.

Let’s start by discussing the fear created by these killers.

Islamic Fear

Islamic fear is easy to understand and feel if you know what to look for. Let’s look closely at two Islamic fear scenarios. The first is the case of the Mohammad cartoon T-shirt mentioned above. The second is the murder of Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam and the subsequent publication of the Mohammad cartoons.

The Mohammad Cartoon T-Shirt Scenario

It is easy to understand how a person living in Montana could comfortably wear a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt. There are few, if any, Muslims in Montana. The chance of being spotted by one of these Islamic killers is slim. As a result, most people would not be intimidated. The Islamic fear factor in Montana – low.

But in Dearborn Michigan the situation is different. Dearborn has a fairly large Muslim population. Wearing a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt in Dearborn Michigan could have some risk. Somewhere in the Muslim community, a devout believer might take offence. And that offence might lead to violence. As a result, some people might be intimidated. Islamic fear factor in Dearborn – medium.

Now take the same Mohammad cartoon T-shirt scenario to an even larger Muslim population – say the Muslim section of London. The Muslim section of London has a population of over one million. You can be sure, somewhere in this community there are a number of Islamic killers. Considering the recent transit attack that killed over 50, and the failed bombing attempts, it is easy to imagine a deeply devout Muslim taking offence. As a result, a large percentage of people might be intimidated. Islamic fear factor in London – high.

Finally, let’s imagine the fear you would feel in a nearly 100% Muslim society. Imagine wearing the Mohammad cartoon T-shirt in Mecca, Cairo or Tehran. The fear would be over powering. The simple fact is – as I said above - you would not last five minutes. One of Islam’s killers would come from out of nowhere and kill you. As a result, most reasonable people would be intimidated. Islamic fear factor in Mecca, Cairo, or Tehran – exceptionally high.

(Two notes. (1) In a nearly all-Muslim population such as Mecca, Cairo or Tehran, the killer would, more than likely, walk away a free man. He would not be prosecuted for his act. At the local mosque he would be treated with respect for defending Islam. (2) If you are a non-Muslim in Mecca you would be killed outright – non-Muslims are not allowed in Mecca.)

I have chosen this T-shirt scenario for two simple reasons. First, it is real. (I challenge anyone to prove otherwise with the following straightforward method. Simply wear a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt in a prominent place in Tehran. Make a short video and post it on YouTube.) Second, it is easy to understand. Montana – almost no Muslims – no Islamic fear. Mecca, Cairo and Tehran - almost all Muslims – exceptionally high Islamic fear. If you look at this Mohammad cartoon T-shirt scenario it becomes quite clear - the greater the percentage of Muslims in a given situation - the greater the Islamic fear factor.

The most important thing to remember about this Mohammad cartoon T-shirt discussion is this. What exactly is it that causes this fear? The answer is this. There is a real fear that some deeply devout Muslim believer will come from out of nowhere and kill you. (This is an important detail. Keep it in mind.)

The Murder of Theo Van Gogh and the Mohammad cartoons

Now, let’s look at the murder of Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam and the subsequent reason for the publication of the Mohammad cartoons.

Theo Van Gogh had made a film that was critical of how Islam treats women. Van Gogh was murdered by an Islamic killer named Mohammed Bouyeri. According to published reports, Mr. Bouyeri, at his trial told the court, Van Gogh had insulted Islam. "What moved me to do what I did was purely my faith," Bouyeri said, "I was motivated by the law that commands me to cut off the head of anyone who insults Allah and his prophet."

Mr. Bouyeri in reality had done two things. First he had killed Theo Van Gogh. But even more importantly he had helped spread this same Islamic fear (the fear that some deeply devout Muslim believer will come from out of nowhere and kill you) throughout those parts of Western Europe where many Muslims (though only a minority of less than 10%) now live.

The Islamic fear spread by the murder of Van Gogh was part of the reason why Flemming Rose, the publisher of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, published the “Mohammad cartoons”.

Mr. Rose said in a Washington Post article February 19, 2006, he “commissioned the cartoons in response to several incidents of self-censorship in Europe caused by widening fears and feelings of intimidation in dealing with issues related to Islam. … Our goal was simply to push back self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.”

Flemming Rose was describing a form of the Islamic fear factor. (The fear some deeply devout Muslim believer will come from out of nowhere and kill you.) Similar to what I point out in the T-shirt scenario above.

Islamic Fear by the numbers

Now let’s look at this European Islamic fear reality as described by Flemming Rose and see if it can help us understand the fear inside a nearly 100% Muslim society.

Keep in mind that Muslims make up less than 10% of Western European population. Yet, even when Muslims only represent this small percentage of the general population, the potential presence of Islamic killers has had the effect, according to, Flemming Rose, of creating “self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.”

Think of this reality. Western Europeans, who have grown up believing in free speech, living in their own free and open societies, are afraid to talk critically about Islam when Muslims make up less than 10% of the Western European population.

So now think of what it must be like inside a Muslim society where essentially 100% of the population is Muslim. The fear factor must be at least 10 times greater.

Imagine a nearly 100% Muslim society, a Muslim society where unseen religious killers, like Bouyeri, roam literally everywhere. Free expression and critical discussion of Islam within Muslim society is essentially shut off. Shut off by Islam’s dark force of fear. Shut off by the fear of the unseen religious killers.

This inability to talk critically about Islam inside Islamic society is one of the main reasons why Islam is stuck in its endless cycle of violence. Muslims can clearly see the violence surrounding them. But they know all too well, any critical discussion on the issue might draw the attention of a killer like Mohammed Bouyeri. As a result most Muslims live in fear of a system that keeps them quiet. Inside a system they have no control of.

So now we have a beginning idea of what the Islamic fear is, let’s move on and discuss who these Islamic killers are.

Who are the killers?

In order to start the discussion on the Islamic killers let’s look at a trait common to all religions. Religious believers come in all degrees of belief. Some are only marginal believers, and some are quite devout. For the sake of this discussion, let’s arrange a horizontal line called a “Belief Index” scale. On it, we can spread out the believers from least devout to most devout.

It goes like this. On the far left you have the least devout believers. Some of these have so little belief they might be considered secular. On the right side we find the most devout.

Let’s give the “belief index” scale numeric values from 1 to 10. Where 1 equals least devout and 10 equals most devout.

------------------------------Belief Index-----------------------------
Least Devout ------------------------------------------Most Devout
---- 1-----2-----3----- 4-----5----- 6-----7-----8-----9-----10 ---

Islamic killers come from the ranks of Islam’s most devout believers. On the “belief index” scale these believers fall somewhere in the 9.75 to 10 range. These believers, under the right combination of facts and situation would be willing to commit violence in the name of Islam.

These most devout believers have been religiously trained to believe numerous calls to violence found within Islamic teachings. The Koran, Hadith, and Sunnah, the foundational base of Islam, all have numerous calls to violence. Additionally, Islamic scholars, the mullah infrastructure, fatwas and societal norms support violence in the name of Islam. Islam’s most devout believers, accept as true, they have a God given authority to commit violence for the benefit of Islam. (Just as Mr. Bouyeri stated above.)

In actual numbers these most devout believers – those willing to commit violence in the name of Islam - represent most likely somewhere between 1/10th of 1% and 10% of the general population. That is between one out of a thousand and one out of ten.

The Muslim population is presently about 1.3 billion. That means the number of potential killers ranges from as little as 1.3 million to as many as 130 million. Even at the lowest estimate, the 1.3 million killers becomes a huge threat. At 130 million the threat is hard to imagine.

This wide variation in the number of potential killers in the general population is due to a number of factors. First, the majority of these killers never really “sign up” to be part of an Islamic force per se, so it is impossible to know how many there actually are. Additionally, most act out of a deep religious conviction that could change from day to day. Also, the structure of Islam has no central authority; so on any given day any devout believer might independently decide to fulfill his religious destiny. Furthermore, certain important Islamic issues (such as defending Islam from perceived threats – as in Iraq) might persuade a larger percentage of devout believers to fulfill their religious obligation.

To make matters worse, even though the numbers of these most devout believers – the ones willing to commit violence for Islam - might be limited, there is second group who augment and amplify the effect of these killers. These are the sympathizers and supporters of religious violence.

These sympathizers and supporters (8-9.75 on “belief index” chart) in reality act as the eyes and ears of the killers. Even though the sympathizers might not be willing to commit violence, they are willing to support it. They are also willing to talk about what they see. When the sympathizers and the most devout gather at the mosques or other social situations, they engage in small talk and conversation, which brings new data to the killer’s attention. This spreads the fear factor far and wide.

In sheer numbers, the combination of the sympathizers and the most devout, most likely make up about 20% of the general Muslim population. That means about one out of five individuals is either a killer or a sympathizer. Because their identities are transparent or unknown, the sympathizers’ presence adds to the fear factor discussed above.

(Imagine being Muslim in this scenario. Each time you get together with 5 or more friends you could statistically be with one of these devout killers or sympathizers. Would you be willing to talk candidly about issues of religion unless you were really “sure” about your friends?)

Because of the Islamic principle of taqiyya (deception in the furtherance of Islam) Muslims for the most part refuse to acknowledge this “group” of killers. Furthermore, the killers would kill anyone who would shed light on or criticize them. Non-Muslims usually do not acknowledge these killers because of some combination of ignorance and political correctness. Additionally the veil of religious legitimacy given to Islam further confuses the issue.

These killers can be independent, unorganized individuals like Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam. These independent killers act like self-appointed “free agents”. Under Islamic law they are independently empowered to enforce Islamic sharia law. Because of their (1) “free agency”, (2) their ability to remain unnoticed until they act, (3) their even distribution within Islamic society, and (4) their sheer numbers - these “free agency” potential killers are responsible for the overwhelming majority of fear within Muslim society.  When these “free agent’ killers do their work in the non-Muslim world, their actions are usually seen as criminal acts, unrelated to Islamic calls to violence.

Islam’s killers can also be organized into all sizes and types of groups - from two man cells to large organizations like al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah or other terrorist organizations. These groups can act independently or in conjunction with other groups or individuals. Their actions require no central authority but may be coordinated with other groups. Any independent “free agent” can start his own organization. Size and reach is only limited by the organizational skills of the individuals involved. Any and all of these groups can help or receive help other groups. Muslim governments routinely provide clandestine support for many of these groups at the same time claiming these groups are “non-governmental actors.”

While most of the killers come from the extreme right side of the religious index chart, some of the less devout believers may succumb to what has been called “sudden jihadi syndrome”. That is, under the right set of circumstances, they could be swayed to commit violence.

Islam’s killers can act anonymously. Like the killers who leave bombs in public places or the motorcyclist tossing a grenade into a crowd. Other killers proudly come out and do their work in public, like Mohammed Bouyeri the killer of Van Gogh.

Some Islamic killers are often quite easy to see. They can routinely be found in the news. The 19 men on September 11 were Islamic killers. The endless stream of Iraqi and Afghani suicide bombers are Islamic killers. The men in London who bombed the transit system were Islamic killers. The murderers in Beslan, Russia were part of the group.

In Thailand Islamic killers decapitate schoolgirls and gun down plantation workers. In the Philippines they bomb markets and ferries. In Spain they bombed the transit system. In Jordan they bomb weddings and gun down college professors. In Egypt they shoot tourists at the pyramids, bomb hotels and murder former president Anwar Sadat.

In India the killers have hit Mumbai a number of times and make life miserable in Kashmir. In Africa, Islam’s killers work in Kenya setting off bombs at the US embassy. In Sudan they are responsible for the killing in Darfur. In Lebanon they launch missiles into Israel. In Argentina they bombed the Israeli embassy.

In Western Europe the killers work within the Muslim ghettos making sure that Muslims don’t leave the faith. In France they bomb the subways and help incite the riots of 2006.

Even in the US, Islamic killers do their work.  Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood,  John Allen Muhammad shot ten people in the Washington DC area. In Salt Lake City Sulejmen Talovic killed five people in a shopping mall. In Seattle Naveed Afzal Haq killed one and wounded four. At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, a recent graduate from Iran, Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, drove his SUV into a crowd of students. In NJ six killers made plans to attack Fort Dix. (Note here. Conventional wisdom would have us believe these acts were all independent criminal acts. The reality is this. These acts were all part of what you should expect from Islam’s violent cyclical system.)

Any place on the face of the globe where you find Muslims you will also find Islam’s killers. Because these killers are relatively evenly dispersed throughout Islamic society, the more Muslims, the more killers.

The type of work these killers do depends on the percentage of Muslims in the society they are working in.

Inside Muslim society, their primary task is to keep Islam alive. They do this by killing anyone who (1) insults Allah or (2) insults Mohammad or (3) questions or tries to change Islam, or (4) tries to leave the faith. (This is why Muslims seem so pious, don’t leave the faith and moderates don’t speak up.) Additionally in Muslim society their task is to enhance adherence to and enforce Islamic Sharia law. In Afghanistan the killers blow up girls schools to enforce their ideal of a true Islamic state. In Egypt they killed Anwar Sadat because he had gone against Islamic law by trying to make peace with Israel.

In those places where Islamic society comes into contact with non-Muslim society, such as the situation now in Western Europe, one of their primary tasks is to make sure Muslims do not assimilate into their host society. (Again making sure that Islam is kept alive.) Their other tasks include terrorizing non-Muslims into conversion to Islam or acceptance of Islamic Sharia law. This terrorization can take the form of criminal behavior or, a constant low-grade gorilla war like conflict. Examples of the latter are Kashmir, the Balkans, Thailand, the Philippines, sub Sahara Africa, and now even Western Europe.

The killers are overwhelmingly young and male. Women have become a small number of recent killers. They come from all economic and educational strata. Poverty is not a cause, but does work to the advantage of devout believers looking for new “recruits”.

This system even finds a way to harness the destructive power of its young male social misfits. They can practice their destructive ways on non-Muslims in the form of rapes, muggings, and general mayhem and receive positive feedback from the most devout. This is why Western European jails have such a high percentage of Muslim inmates.

The sad reality about Islam’s killers is this; Because Islam makes a continuous claim of religious legitimacy, Islam, as a system, can rely on a huge, unpaid, unseen, unorganized, individually acting, empowered to act, widely distributed group of highly motivated devout believers who are willing to kill in order to keep Islam the way it is.

These devout believers in reality represent an unconventional unseen phantom army. An army where no one needs orders and each soldier knows exactly what to do. An army where no one is really in control. An army as deadly as any on earth.

How does the system continuously train the killers?

So now we know a bit about Islamic fear. We also have an idea of who some of the Islamic killers are. Let’s look at where the killers come from and some of the rules, regulations, social traditions and societal norms that create Islam’s self-replicating endless cycle of violence.

(This selection of rules, regulations and such, represents on a tiny fraction of the directives controlling Islam. In reality the Islamic system comes together like the “perfect storm”, with literally thousands of directives working to keep Islam the way it is. The directives I have chosen to mention here are some of the easiest to see and understand.)

Islam isn’t just a religion. It is a complete social system. (Numerous writers have called it a totalitarian system.) Islamic Sharia law includes rules for almost everything from birth to death. And a large portion of these rules work to perpetuate the Islam itself.

One key rule states; all children born to Muslims are automatically Muslim. This means all Muslims (except converts) have no say in their own participation in Islam. It also means that all parents have no say in whether or not their children are Muslims. It also insures a continuous crop of new potential devout believers – the next generation of Islamic killers.

Another important rule says “Islam is more important than family.” Because Islamic extended families are usually large, it is hard to imagine a family without either a deeply devout (potential killer) or a sympathizer. This means, within every extended family, the most religiously devout believers make sure the rest of the family is properly Islamic. It also means parents, will receive pressures from other family members making sure all children are exposed to Islamic dogma. As a result, all children receive Islamic training from birth on.

Once a child reaches school age the training becomes institutionalized. This starts at the lowest grades and continues throughout all of a child’s education. While not all schools are strictly Islamic, all schools in Islamic society require all students to study Islamic subjects.

In poorer Islamic countries where government run schools may not exist or may not be free, there are usually Islamic schools. Most of these Islamic schools are free. These schools teach a more intense Islamic curricula.

In addition there are also thousands of madrassas (20,000+ in Pakistan alone) teaching millions of students spread throughout Islam. These madrassas teach an unyielding form of Islam. It can include rote memorization of the Koran, and teaching of the Islamic passages calling on devout believers to commit violence in the name of Islam.

Within the educational system, the devout believers and sympathizers again make their presence felt. Anyone trying to moderate the teaching of Islamic materials, risks the wrath of an unseen killer.

By the time children become adults, a small percent become their own generation’s most devout believers, and about 20% become the sympathizers. Because this educational system is spread evenly throughout Islam, these devout believers and sympathizers are, as pointed out earlier, spread everywhere. And the violence/fear cycle continues.

(Note: It is bad enough that Muslims teach this hate inside their own societies, but immigrant Muslims teach the same hate under the noses of gullible western hosts. The London transit bombings of 2005 are a perfect example. I do not believe the young Islamic killers of this incident got their motivation inside the politically correct British educational system. The same thing can be said about the recent foiled June 06 terrorist plot in Canada. They did not learn their hatred of Canada inside the Canadian school system. Additionally, numerous investigative reports on this issue confirm this issue.)

Unfortunately, the training of children is only the beginning of a continuous process that assures everyone is properly Islamic. Within Islamic society, additional training and continuous reinforcement of Islamic dogma is literally everywhere.

Let’s look at some of the common beliefs and practices that are part of the cyclical system. Keep in mind. – (1) All of these issues are hot issues that would draw attention of the unseen killers. (2) Because of the fear of the unseen killers, no one ever questions any of these issues.

Five times a day Muslims are called to prayer. These prayer callings are a constant reminder to the most devout that it is their responsibility to ensure the purity of Islam. It is also a constant reminder to the least devout – don’t question Islam – potential killers are everywhere. These prayer calls help keep the fear quotient high.

In Muslim society, because everyone is aware of the unseen killer, virtually no one ever speaks up on any issues counter to Islam. This process takes place literally on every level of society. From market place to office, from grocery store to shoe shop, from camel race to car race, from the library to the garden center no one ever speaks ill of anything Islamic.

Newspapers, radios and televisions in Muslim societies continuously put forth stories that convey the proper Islamic perspective. Because of a wide potential audience, media reporters risk dealing with numerous potential unseen killers for even small errors of judgment. Hence none are willing to take the risk or even the slightest questioning of Islamic issues.

To make matters worse, the media also takes an active role in furthering Islamic dogma. Numerous independent organizations, which monitor Islamic media, report articles inciting Muslims to violence, and instilling hatred toward non-Muslims.

The following is a list of items, reinforced daily, no one ever questions – out of fear.

The Koran is the “perfect word of God.” - This means it can’t be questioned or changed.

Mohammad was the perfect human. - The fact he was a murderer, mugger, rapist, child pedophile and thief is ignored. The inability of Muslims to talk about this rationality is responsible for the erratic behavior Muslims sometimes exhibit.

All men should strive to be like Mohammad. This leads devout Muslims to fanatical and erratic behavior.

Lying in the furtherance of Islam is OK. – More reason for erratic behavior.

Islam is the only true religion. All others are “not true.” – This belief is driven into the collective Muslim consciousness to such a high degree that even only marginal believers will agree.

Islam includes a form of 1984 style double talk. Islam is the freedom of God. Democracy is the tyranny of man.

Muslim superiority. Muslims have a rightful place ahead of others. – Believed by large percentage of Muslim population. Even believed by only marginal believers.

Non-Muslim inferiority. – Believed by large percentage of Muslim population.
(Of course non-Muslims can change their position by converting to Islam.)

All the world must be Muslim. God said it – it must be true.

Any degradation of Islam, Mohammad, or the Koran is cause for death – at the hand of an unseen killer.

Islam is perfect - No questions, No changes, Can’t quit— All are warned if they do any of these—they could be killed.

Islam is more important than family.

Family members kill members who stray from Islam.

Family members, if they are non-believers, have nothing in common with you and should be abandoned or ignored.

Killing and other crimes in the name of Islam are usually never punished.

Trusted friends can only be Muslim. – This is one reason why Muslims don’t integrate when they emigrate to non-Muslims societies.

All Muslims have obligation to spread or help spread Islam.

If a Muslim cannot fight in jihad, Islamic law says he must aid the jihad in some way.

Islam is a political entity - Islam is the state.

This system elevates religion – Islam - to the ultimate pinnacle of Muslim consciousness.

And then there is the Mosque/Mullah infrastructure.

The mosques and mullahs have an important role to play in the cyclical system. The mosques act as constant reminder of Islam’s presence with their call to prayer five times a day. The Mullahs act as a center point to most devout believers and sympathizers. The mullahs’ position is to reinforce Islamic dogma (including the items above) and encourage devout believers to ensure it is upheld.

One of Islam’s strangest phenomena is as follows. These mosques become dangerous intellectual cesspools of Islam think. Only the most devout believers work their way into leadership positions. These people are the most likely to believe Islamic calls to violence. The inability to rationalize anything about Islam is at its height inside the mosques. There are numerous cases of mullahs being murdered by their own co-religionists for having not been conservative enough.

Let’s look at how the fear, the killers, and the rules, create a complete cycle

So, all of these items come together in a random fashion. The order is not important. Everyone gets indoctrinated as a child. Indoctrination continues in adults. Everyone always talks good of Islam. No one ever speaks badly of Islam. There is a continuous preaching of the flaws of the non-Muslim world. There is a consistent preaching of Islamic perfection.

Family members watch families. Friends watch friends. The mullahs keep stoking the cyclical system. The most deeply devout - along with the sympathizers - make sure all Muslims stay within the expected norm. Reasonable questions never get asked. Unreasonable beliefs are reinforced. And all the time an unseen army of devout killers makes sure all of this happens.

So here is the self-replicating cycle. The fear leads to no one questioning the system. No one questioning the system leads to de-facto acceptance on issues of Islam. Because all accept the system the, system must be right. Because believers vocalize praise for Islam, everyone only hears praise for Islam. No one ever hears anything bad about Islam. No one quits. No one questions. No one criticizes. All children become part of the system.

Over and over and over, like a stuck phonograph. The system does the same thing again and again. Just like a computer caught in a software endless loop. Islam, as a society, is trapped in a self-replicating cycle of violence and fear.

Why Now?

This cyclical system, as described, has been going on inside of Islam since the time of Mohammad. And like most systems, there is a control mechanism. The fear that drives Islam, directly responds to the amount of money available to the mullah/mosque infrastructure. Since the first oil embargo of the 70’s the amount of money pumped into Muslim oil producers has gone up hundreds of times. This has allowed the rich Muslim oil states to dump untold billions into the worldwide mullah/mosque infrastructure.

These monies have been used for a huge expansion of mosques throughout the Muslim world. This includes the thousands of new mosques built in Western societies. These monies have also been used to train and send out conservative mullahs throughout the world to preach the most conservative form of Islam.

When you step on the gas pedal of a car there is a slight lag time – about 1/4 second - and the car goes faster. When oil rich Muslim states pump monies into the mullah/mosque infrastructure there is a slight lag time – about 20-30 years – and your get more of the super devout.

So today we are reaping the harvest of violence grown from the seeds of hate and fear planted over the past 30 years.

To My Readers

I request you comments on this theory.

A commentary on the recent news from the Middle East

The Problem is Islam

Mubarak is gone and the rest of the Middle East is in turmoil over populous calls for reform of their societies.

But it is impossible to fix a problem without first properly identifying it. And unfortunately the problem is Islam. Furthermore no one is willing to talk about it.

Virtually every place on earth where Muslims makes up a sizable percentage of the population bad governance is the rule - the more Islam in a society, the more dysfunctional the society.

By every measurement Islamic societies are failing. Worldwide the figures on Illiteracy, human rights, women’s rights, minority rights, free press, and freedom to choose one’s own religion put Islamic society on the bottom of the list.

Muslim society is saddled with a 1,400 year old system that hasn’t been, and can’t be changed or criticized. And to make matters worse, Islam as a system trains an unseen army of jihadis to commit violence in order to perpetuate the system.

And to add further insult, the jihadis presence within the system makes sure no one ever speaks up about the issue of Islam. As a result most Muslims never hear anything critical of Islam. Most Muslims are essentially brainwashed by a system so large that it is hard to see.

And the non-Muslim world can’t seem to find the courage to say the obvious - Islam needs a reformation.

More to come.

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Bob Smith

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rumcrook™ said...

one of its "killers" just lopped off his wifes head for wanting a divorce, right in the town next to where I grew up. orchard park NY.

you wouldnt have known, he was a "professional" and started a cable channel dedicated to "showing islam in a better light"

im gonna say his effort on showing islam in a better light, was an epic fail.

SpaceFalcon2001 said...

There is another point you should add to this article:

The insult does not need to be real, it merely needs to be an accusation.

For example, in recent months, 2 christians were burned to death by muslims after accusations they had desecrated the Quran.

Most of the attacks on Christians' houses and churches followed claims of desecration of the Koran. Subsequent investigations generally proved the claims to be false.

A while ago, there were reports of America distributing altered versions of the Quran promoting the trinity. If this sounds crazy, there is literally no limit to things that sound absurd to a normal person, but to a radical muslim sound completely expected in their imagination of the activities the infidels commit, further legitimizing anything they later do.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad to know how a person can be so scared of committing any minor discrepancy in case he/she is killed!
No wonder moderate muslims do not come out against what some of their fellow radical muslims do!
It is obvious how much they live in fear so the whole ideology is based on fear!
Only satan himself could conjure up such a devilish plan against mankind!

Anonymous said...

Islam teaches love?

You have got to be kidding.

Islam is a cult where believers follow a crazy mad man from the 7th century.

What kind of fool could belive God says it's OK for a 54 year old man to have sex with a 9 year old girl.

Islam is perversion.

JeroenM said...

And this spreading of fear actually works. Even non-muslims start to spread it now. Like you Bob. If we have to take this seriously we'd better start to build some more extra-secured prisons like the one in Vught where Mohammed Bouyeri is locked up. Serving a sentence of life imprisonment. And in the Netherlands a life sentence means exactly that. No chance of parole.

Pauli said...

Thank you. This is very insightful.

Sri said...

This is 100% correct.

Violence works for some time.

The evidence for it is overwhelming: the way media reports today.

John K said...

Good thinking Pierre. Another factor is that most Muslims do not live near Dar-al-Harb, so they do not have the opportunity to wage jihad unless they travel.

Then in Dar-al-Harb, where Muslims are in the minority, they practice Mecca Islam instead of Medina Islam. Then there is the issue that many of these people realize that they will be expected to mature into Medina Islam some day, and others do not.

Ali Sina talks about having a positive image of Islam in his youth when he had no knowledge of the Quran. He also says that all Muslims are at risk of becoming terrorists because when they have a life crisis, they turn to God, but in Islam, that means reading the Quran and learning about their duty to kill kafirs.

Anonymous said...

No one is mistaken about Islam other than you. Islam is a fake. Mohammad was not a prophet. Why would God send a 53 year old man who had sex with a 9 year old girl to be the standard of excellence for all time? If you believe that you have been brainwashed like many other Muslims. And the Koran is not the word of God.

The prophet was a murderer. He had many people put to death. You are guilty of taqiya or ignorant on this issue. Yes, he taught that life was sacred - for Muslims - but not for non-Muslims (you forgot to say that.) Murder is routinely tolerated in Muslim society. Honor killings and the murder of apostates and homosexuals is routine in Islam.

Mohammad was a rapist. Again you use taqiya or are ignorant of the facts. As for sexual perversity in Islam - it is rampant. Islam with its absurd codes of honor makes the perversity of Catholic priests look calm. There are countless women who have been raped only to be charged with illegal sex. Muslim society is the laughing stalk of the world. Any reasonable person wonders how a society can be so perverted. And the few stories of sexual perversity in Islam that do make it out are horrific. Like the sexual abuse of young boys in Afghanistan.

Yes people in the west can have sex whenever they want. And what the hell is wrong with that. I kind of like it. Does it make you jealous?

One of the core values of a corrupted religion is that it tries to tell people how to live their sexual lives. All horrible religions try to control other peoples sexual lives. What someone does sexually is none of the Mullahs or Islam’s business.

Grow up. Shed the intellectual chains of Islam. What do you really want to do in life? Do you want to be chained to a 7th century false prophet or enjoy living? That’s the worst thing about Islam - It steals the joy of life from all Muslims.

Anonymous said...


What on Earth are you going on about? Our awareness of your slimy, yucky taqiyya is growing ever more prevalent among those of us who know the truth about that perverted ideology masquerading as the will of god. When your "religion" CEASES to receive attributions of violent, hair-trigger reactivity to even the slightest and smallest thing, then maybe - just MAYBE - we might consider what you're trying to pull over us as legitimate.

Nice try, buddy.

Alley-Oop Snackbar!!

Esmerelda Pearl said...

Mr. Smith,

Excellent article. It's on my "favorites" for future reference.

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...


Islam is a Medieval death cult!

The false prophet Mohammad and his alter-ego (the moon-god, "Allah") ask you to kill for them!

Killing others is not the same thing as respecting the sacredness of life!

Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, "the 'Word of God' who became flesh and dwelt among us" is the example to follow. He did not kill anyone. He, and he alone showed us how to live out God's plan for us on earth!

Yeshua Ha-Mashiach DIED FOR YOU

(As a perfect, spotless, sinless, and final ... "The 'Lamb'of God sacrifice.)

Mohammad was a self-proclaimed prophet; who used religion to unite warring tribes of western Arabia! He was merely a political leader who used religion to sway the masses. That's all he was. His followers are victims of a cult named Islam.

Anonymous said...

Bob Smith, You now have your volunteer to prove your theory of the Mohammad cartoon t-shirt. Mr Ibraheem says that Islam is a tolerant religion.

I am sure Mr. Ibraheem is anxious to prove his point that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. He can wear the Mohammad cartoon t-shirt to Mecca.

Go Ibraheem!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very eye-opening article. And Ibraheem is blatantly practicing taqiyya. Such deception fools nobody who read this essay.

Anonymous said...

Right on!!! Mr.Smith Islam is a cult of cowardice,Proven by the fact that no Muslim would dare wear a T-shirt showing moe as he really is.A demented pschyo PEDOPHILE!So cowardly are the believers that they wear masks in their hate videos of beheadings,Bullies are always cowards.Mohammad was no doubt a FALSE PROPHET,Guided by his PEDOPHILE and most likely homosexual bent.Who else would come up with a heaven full of virgins and young boys with smooth skin tending to your every need.Thanks be to God that such evil always carries within itself the seeds of it's own destruction.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ibraheem,Prove Islam is full of love by wearing the T-shirt to Mecca during the pilgramage and post the video on youtube.If not then know this YOU ARE MISLED by your FALSE PROPHET.and YOU are a COWARD.

TeresaInPa said...

Very interesting but where is your documentation? I can't share this with people who are not incline to believe it, without some sort of proof. For all they know you made it all up... at least exaggerated. Where can I go to verify some of this information?

You Who said...

Just think, the day before most of them were terrorists and killed themselves to kill others, they were "moderate" or "good" Moslems to those around them...

Blogger said...

My ex husband was muslim, I was an "insider" for many years, and I want to share these insights. Muslims are first brought up to fear and revere the Koran, Allah and Muhammad, but they know nothing about it. Until recently the majority of muslims did not know how to read, did not read the Koran, and only knew stories their imam would tell them, which was always laced with Taqqiya, ie "muhammd never hurt anyone". In the past generations, most muslims never got past the cover of the Koran, or they would recite without knowing the meaning. They would only hear that you MUST believe or you will burn in hell. But some grew up and read and studied, AFTER being brainwashed to "believe every word" or "burn in hell". Now 95% of the Islamic world is suddenly literate, so anyone can read the Koran, especially with the internet to help translation. So, when they read it, they do not question. They do as the Koran commands: to either support jihad or go to jihad. Apply this to same recipe to the atrocities committed by Muhammad that the unbrainwashed can immediately see through. They cannot see through it, because they are already "clouded". It is interesting that the Koran says that Allah put a veil on the hearts of the UNbelievers, when it is perfectly clear that Allah has tricked muslims by putting a veil over the child's heart from an early age, and then they are unable to see clearly how evil Muhammad, and a large part of the Koran, really are.

miriam's song said...

we have many friends in the USA who are Iranian Christians - they shared with us, Messianic Jews, the horrors of islam. we shared food, prayers, music, and Bible studies. all of us shared our testimony - and some of their testimonies were horrific. - teresa in pa - if you do not believe the horrors and lies of islam - you should do research

Anonymous said...

From Bob Smith to Theresa

Thanks for reading my theory on Islam - Islam’s Fatal Flaw.

Before writing this article I read about 50 books and an additional 5,000 articles on Islam.

In the process, I found many authors - both pro and against Islam - got bogged down with “facts” and trying to “prove” particular issues only to have the some other writer “prove” the exact opposite.

The very nature of the Koran - the Medina verses and the Meccan verses - makes it quite easy to “prove” exact opposites. The Islamic practice of taqiyya further muddies the water.

Aside from a couple quotes by Mohammed Bouyeri and Flemming Rose I chose to not rely on this sort of “proof”.

My goal was to write a thesis that was based on widely accepted Islamic phenomena that can be easily verified through numerous sources.

Let me know what specific details you feel need proof. I will try to provide source data for you.

D. Wood said...

This article is truly outstanding! It explains why the so-called "moderates" do not speak out when atrocities are committed by their fellow Muslims. Please offer us more insights from your research. Please offer any suggestions you have on how to combat the menace of "creeping sharia" and the spreading of this "totalitarian system" masquerading as a religion.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Article!Islam must be defeated and Sharia Law must be banned!

The biggest weapons we have against Islam are the KORAN and the HADITH.The Koran urges the Muslims repeatedly to kill jews ,christians and Infidels if they do not convert to islam or enslave them to pay taxes,and also kill Apostates from Islam,and women who dishonored their family.
The HADITH describes the looting,crimes,perversions Mohammad committed ,that all Muslims must mimic to go to Muslim Heaven.
Flood the world with Korans and Hadith for all to read and get disgusted!
Then,Islam will collapse!

Blogger said...

>Flood the world with Korans and >Hadith for all to read and get >disgusted!
>Then,Islam will collapse!


Anonymous said...


Just to test your "Islam is peaceful" theory, declare to your friends and relatives that you are leaving Islam and becoming a Christian.

sheik yer'mami said...

"Each generation’s most devout believers train a small percentage of the next generation’s most devout believers that it is OK to commit violence in the name of Islam".

"Small percentage" is just BS.

Each and every soldier of Allah must do what needs to be done to eliminate the enemies of the cult. Those who don't support that doctrine are 'hypocrites' and they must be killed too.

Ibrahim sez the profit pretender Muhammad was not a rapist.

So Ibrahim, how do you justify the profit Muhammed's brutal rapes of Juwairya, Safiyah, Rayhanah and Umm Kerr's daughter.

I am very interested in your response.

Anonymous said...


Don't know how you can call this a theory when you present enough evidence for a conviction!


I spoke with a former refugee from Sudan. He said the western media downplays the Islamic threat by using the terms "radical", "lone wolf" etc.

He said terror attacks are the real face of Islam.

Interesting to note that West Point conducted a study that revealed that 85% of the victims of the global jihad are other Muslims.

Looks like the "moderate" Muslim could be in serious trouble.

Inthe12 said...

Thank you for this excellent article. Your perspective really sheds a new, profound insight on Islam.

One thing, however, that disturbs me is this:
It sounds as if you are implying that the brainwashing and the fear of being killed that muslims have endured for 1400 years is an acceptable excuse for their not trying to change or reform Islam. In other words, there is no way that a muslim caught up in this vicious cycle is capable of deciding to change the system. Several of the comments here seem to agree with that.—“It is very sad to know how a person can be so scared of committing any minor discrepancy in case he/she is killed! No wonder moderate muslims do not come out against what some of their fellow radical muslims do!”

But I would take issue with that. Revolutionaries, both men and women, since recorded history have risen up and fought to change a religion, a government, an unjust law, etc. And many of them lost their lives. The difference is that they were willing to take risks, big risks--even risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Moderate muslims are not willing to take any risks; the thought probably never even crosses their minds. I find it hard to believe that all muslims are so brainwashed and/or so terrified that they can’t make the change; they just don’t have a burning desire to do so. I don’t expect anyone in Saudi Arabia to start a reform movement, but what about the muslim population in the US? The muslims who do want change are those that convert to another religion, and they of course risk death.

Lastly, you write, “No attempts to deal with Islamic violence will ever succeed unless they address the cause of this violence/fear cycle.”

But what then is the solution? Even with an affective understanding of this violence/fear cycle that you explain so well, what can we in the West do if we want to keep our way of life, what with more and more muslims among us? My feeling is that there will be a war with huge casualties. But my greatest fear is that the West, and particularly the United States have for some time been dying from within of the fatal disease, “political correctness.” The tragic irony is that those politically-correct people will be the first to be eliminated in an Islamic society.

Anonymous said...

Violence/fear is indeed the operating principle of logic it is called the Fallacy of Force in place of valid arguments.

This fallacy is the most prevalent form of persuasion in Islam.

Islam cannot be reformed, since it is claimed to be perfect.

The answer is to leave imperfect Islam.

Nestor James said...

That was an impressive and accurate analysis of the inner clock-workings of Islam. I think that every time a US General gets to that level of understanding, they fire him and get someone who still thinks it's kinda like Northern Ireland.
I think one of Islam's strengths is that it is so outrageous, its critics look insane and hysterical. A pedophile? Really? That stratum of killer-zealots is indeed what allows Islam to punch so far above its weight. There has to be an Islamic-free-zone where people can go and escape that. Maybe Southern Sudan... How about Canada or the US?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic thesis. Finally I have a way of explaining to my friends and family what it is that makes us 'feel uneasy' with Islam.

I found your easy writing style and 't- shirt wearing' examples easy to remember and discuss with my friends, along with the 'belief scale' and interpratation into actual 'numbers of unseen killers and sympathisers'. You are certainly deserving of the commendations posted. I thankyou very much.

Anonymous said...

Islam is nothing but evil to be wiped from the earth right now

Anonymous said...

This really gets to the heart of the matter.Islam is a system of fear. Muhammad himself boasted that he had "been made victorious througth terror." This the basis of Islam: terror for Muslims and terror for non-Muslims. You explain very well how all are kept in check by free-lance, religious totalitarians. Keep going, you are producing important insights.

Anonymous said...

Please read the Koran and Hadith for yourself for free. I did and it was eye opening and very scary at the same time.

I believe this should be required reading for all to understand the grave dangers the world is facing from Islam.

Anonymous said...

Very good! Excellent!

You are someone who really understand the danger of Islam. You have learned a lot from your study of all the books and articles on Islam.

I wished more people can really understand the danger of Islam as you have talked about in your post.

It's just crazy how people who knows the danger Islam and speak about it are being labeled as Islamophobe.

Can you also talk about how Islamophobia is used as a propaganda tool to silence those people who understand Islam and speak the truth?

1. What can free people do to protect themselves from Islam?
2. What can Muslims do to free themselves from Islam and avoid being killed by devout Muslims?

Yvonne said...

Simply calling these people out on what they are, "killers" is demystifying and what we so badly need in the politically correct west to understand this problem.

Come to think of it, doesn't the social ostracism which permits only politically correct views serve the same purpose as the Islamic killer?

Perhaps the politically correct true believers (enforcements) in the west are only a few degrees removed from the Islamic killers and it does not take much for the system to graduate there as Nazi Germany taught only a few decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Yet the Ottoman Empire failed. If not for moral relativism, western culture would have put an end to the barbarism of Islam long ago. When moral relativism is finally destroyed, the west will face Islam intellectually as well as in physical battle. When that happens, you will see more and more Muslims leave the "faith" and still others attempt to reform it.

Anonymous said...

You people are disgusting. You don't understand Islam, you just listen to what the TV tells you and then you find other people that support that opinion. Good job. There are extremists in every religion. I bet the Westboro Baptist Church would kill gays and soldiers and Muslims if they were smart enough to get away with it. The theology and ideology of Islam is not "based on fear," it is also not a "crazy cult following a mad man from the 7th century."

Just because people believe differently than you do doesn't give you the right to pronounce judgement on them and to declare their beliefs to be terrible, awful sins. You don't know the first think about their religion, about their people, or about history.

You want to know something interesting? Prior to the crusades, the Muslim people were some of the only people to retain their ability to read. It was Muslim scholars who preserved the works of famous greek philosophers and writers, most noteably Aristotle. They worked together with scholars from other places around the world, regardless of faith or race, and helped make huge discoveries in math and science. Even better, they allowed Christians and Jews to live in their land without fear of persecution, because Christians and Jews are "People of the Book," because all three religions believe in the same God. Muslims believe that Jesus did live, and Muhammad regarded Jesus as a prophet and respected him and his teachings.

That's pretty amazing, considering that only a hundred or so years later the Christians would turn and begin slaughtering Muslims and Jews for no real reason, and would continue this slaughter for years and years to come. For people that lived in the Medieval world, the Muslims of that time had a lot of very modern ideas. And for people that live in the modern world, all of you people certainly have a hell of a lot of medieval ideas.

Congratulations, all of you, you're successfully demonstrated how blinded society is by prejudice and hatred. You want an excuse to hate these people, so you make shit up to help you sleep at night knowing you're not a racist asshole. You use words like Umma and Jihad and presume to know what they mean.

I hope you're all proud of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

anonymous,the only thing that you can do to stop the onslaught of islam is to shoot it firmly between the eyes,in 25 aprox years of living and working with this system i have only one thing,you may have a good muslim friend that you can talk with and be at home with yet when your muslim friend is joined by his muslim friend you have 2 muslim enemies .this is the way of them ,you cannot trust or believe in them if you are not of the cult.for me there are many christians who were left in the middle east that were worth saving yet our government saw fit to bring muslims ,this for me means it was a deliberate act by treasonous people against the population of your country and then you vote into power the biggest shithead muslim of all and paid for by your oil money courtesy of saud arabia .the same country where 19 terrorists came from to do the twin towers job and then nothing was said about this .saudi arabia has been complicit in trying to destroy america and will continue to try with the help of your government

Anonymous said...

Are you serious right now? You all keep calling Islam a "cult." BREAKING NEWS: EVERY RELIGION IS OR STARTED AS A CULT.

This is the definition of cult:
"A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object."


You keep using this word...I don't think you know what it means.

You are all racist, bigoted assholes. You are all idiots who can't see past the tip of their conservative, prejudiced noses. You say "This is America, we're a good Christian nation, we don't want none of your mumbo-jumbo over here. We've always been a Christian nation."

MORE BREAKING NEWS: Many of the people who founded this country were actually deists, not Christians. They believed in God and probably in Jesus, but they viewed God as a "watchmaker" who created the world and then sat back to watch. "In God We Trust" didn't become our country's motto until the 1950's. "One Nation, Under God" was added to the pledge of allegiance around the same time.

There are always going to be people you don't agree with in the world. There are going to be people you think are strange. But instead of denouncing them as crazy terrorists, maybe you should try LEARNING about them, and maybe then you would learn something about yourselves and learn how to be a decent human being. Whatever happened to Love Thy Neighbor? did we all forget that? Did God come down and change it to "Love thy neighbor...unless your neighbor is gay, pro-choice, muslim, or black."

Yes, some terrible, awful people flew planes into the World Trade Center 10 years ago. Those 19 men IN NO WAY REPRESENT ALL OF ISLAM.

That's like picking 19 random Americans and saying that they represent ALL of America. Do you know how many more serial killers there are in the United States than in almost any other country? I'd say those people are pretty shitty people. And I know there are more than 19 of them. So if we took the thousands and thousands of serial killers living in this country, does that make us all serial killers? We live in the same place as they do, right? Some of them are part of the military, does that make the entire military serial killers? Some of them are republicans, or democrats, or women, gay, or Christian, or any other number of classifications, does that make all of those people serial killers?


Just because you listened to some guy say "Islam is Bad" and saw the planes crash into the towers doesn't mean all of Islam is made up of extremists.

You people are fucking idiots. You are a disgrace to this country. You are the reason why people in foreign countries hate us. You are the reason why it's dangerous for Americans to travel overseas. You are the reason why it took so long for African Americans to have the same rights as everyone else. You are the reason why people are afraid to wear their turbans out in public, even if it's just a fashion statement. You incite fear and rage and call it just and right. You sicken me.

Anonymous said...

In response to all of the comments regarding Muhammad's marriage to Aisha (who was allegedly 9 years old):

At that time, the average lifespan was about 40 years. To us, yes, 9 years old is extreme, but at the time, the girl was already a quarter of the way through with her life. In the middle ages, most girls were married at the age of 12 because the life expectancy was pretty low.

And all of you are so up in arms over Muhammad supposedly raping women (which I don't know how true that is. Show me proof and I'll be more inclined to believe you), yet I don't see anyone upset over the fact that the Hebrews, after leaving Egypt and wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, slaughtered thousands of people and took hundreds more as slaves and took their land to live on. This slaughter was commanded by God according to the Bible. But apparently the slaughter of thousands of people is totally okay, according to all of you.

And all of you keep using the term Taqiyya, and none of you seem to know what it actually means. It does NOT mean to willfully ignore pieces of your religion (specifically Islam) because you want to. This is what it means: "adherents may conceal their religion when they are under threat, persecution, or compulsion."

Stop using words and acting like you know what they mean just because you heard someone (who was probably even more racist and prejudiced than you are) use it once and now you think you know everything.

Anonymous said...

A cult is a group you cannot leave without worrying about being killed by one of the group members.

You can quit being a Christian, Jew, Hindu,Buddhist or Shinto without worrying about being killed.

If you quit being a Muslim – if you don’t leave and go far away – you are dead meat.

Islam is a cult.

Imagine – a cult with 1.5 billion people. Islam is obviously very successful in propagating and surviving as a cult. But the successfull propagation does not override the fact that the cult itself creates a dysfunctional society.

Further imagine – a complete civilization based of a fallacy. That is Islam. Think of it – what the hell does a Muslim scholar study. Nothing but lies.

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE STOP BEING MUSLIM ALL THE TIME. They don't kill you for not being a Muslim! They might not talk to you anymore, but that's the same as if you told your Christian family that you were now an Athiest! Or worse yet, that you were now a Muslim! You people are so fucking blind and you think you're right and it's disturbing.

You fuckers are the reason why this country is in the shitter right now. Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

Anonymous said...

It would be worthwhile to followup your post with a proposed speech by the next US President.

Show us how an adult politician would exploit this weakness of Islam.

BTW, the "obvious" is NOT that "Islam needs a reformation." Rather it is that Islam needs to be challenged and defeated, particularly by the use of rhetoric.

As a hint to the answer to the question by which I have challenged you, please consider joining my facebook group, "No 501(c)3 Status for Islam."

Anonymous said...

A couple of observations froma guy who started studying Islam in the mid eighties for the US Army's 4th PSYOPS Group.

One effect of the use of violence on proscribed behaviour is to make the behaviour itself seem truly horrible; why else would normal, decent human beings do such a terrible thing as kill to stop the behaviour from occurring? In Islam, people see these acts of violent reprisal from a very early age and that is the only interpretation available to them

Secondly, Islamic fear starts in the Quran itself. I've read the infernal thing and the most notable thing about it, aside from its structural incoherence, is the endless re-iteration of the horrors, especially in the afterlife, that will fall upon those fools who will not accept the message of Allah.

Moreover, the Allah of the Quran is much the same entity as "Yahweh" of the Old Testament --a being of infinite wrath who might destroy the world in the next minute if his wrath is not placated

Call me Lennie (onetime Arab linguist and PSYOP analyst)

Olaf said...

Hi Bob,

I am translating your articlein French for the canadian web site

Very nice work, tx a lot.

Could you explain to me what is the thing with these "murderers in Belson", I can't relate this to anything I know.

Tx again

Anonymous said...

Persians and Arabs have been hating and fighting each other since time began. It’s like mixing oil and water. They are death foes. Persians had successful Empires that ruled the area and controlled the Arabs in Ancient times with great kings such as Cyrus the Great, etc. How is it that Persians could succumb to an Arab religion, let alone it taking over Persian society? Could you shed some light on this? Are there lessons to learn from it?

Anonymous said...

From Bob Smith

Islam in reality is a set of “instructions” (rules, mores, mullah mosque infrastructure, societal norms etc.) on how to organize a society. Those instructions create the fear/violence system I describe. (It is these set of instructions which create the unseen jihadi problem.) And unfortunately this set of instructions is quite good at a number of things.

1. It is quite good at self-replication – hence Islam’s ability to remain unchanged for 1,400 years. (No other society on the earth today has existed for any significant length of time without change.)

2. It is quite good at destroying pre-existing societies that it slowly smothers. (Islam calls the pre-existing societies the period of Jahilia - ignorance of divine guidance.)

3 No society that has ever succumbed to Islam has succeeded in freeing itself of Islam.

Islamic ideology (the instruction set for society) in reality becomes a contagious, toxic virus like, “entity” that slowly over powers any existing societal format.

What has happened to Iran is a good example of the power of Islam to destroy an existing society and replace it with the Islamic instruction set.

The lesson to be learned is that Islam is quite successful in reproduction itself. It is quite successful in slowly destroying existing societies. And when Islam is finally victorious – it creates another dysfunctional society – just like all nearly 100% Muslim societies.

Captain USpace said...

Well put fellow Infidel. By all means yes, ALL infidels must learn all they can about Islam.

Learn how your great-grandchildren and theirs will be treated as 2nd class citizens in a world ruled by Sharia Law.

Yes indeed, learn!

No matter how many beheadings, stonings, or terrorist attacks there are, we must never fear, resist or mock the precious and ever peaceful Islam. Who are we to say that raping 9 year-olds is immoral? Who are we to say that stoning gays and rape victims to death is evil?

Who are we to say that killing hundreds of people every month in the name of Allah is the height of evil? That is just their culture and ideology and it MUST be respected. Morality is all relative, we must remember that.
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
cut off your wife's head

if she dishonors you
by asking for a divorce

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
all planets Islamic

Earth is one of many
in process of conversion

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
many Taliban planets

stonings and beheadings
billions killed daily

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
convert the infidels

or make them pay a tax
if they don’t want to die
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon


Jacky Treehorn said...

A very good article. It made me think more about the terror aimed towards it's own community.
We tend to forget this facet too easily,this is probably because of the ammount directed at anybody that isn't a Muslim.

Damon Whitsell said...

I wanted to make sure you get these, Please view and share. TY.

AMERICA IN CRISIS: Intelligence Briefing On The Muslim Brotherhood In America by John Guandolo


2nd :

On July 24th John Guandolo gave this intelligence briefing on the MB in Georgia. This mini-brief is four hours of a usual 3 day briefing that Guandolo used to give to law enforcement and intelligence officials. Here are Guandolos credentials.

About the Presenter -- “Counterterrorism expert and former federal agent John Guandolo graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1989, accepting a commission as an Officer in the United States Marines. He served as a combat Infantry Platoon Commander with the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment during Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield and as a Platoon Commander, Assistant Operations Officer, and Airborne and Diving Officer in the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company between 1991 and 1996. John resigned his commission in the Marines in 1996 and joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the Washington, DC Field Office. He investigated numerous cases while at the FBI, and in addition to serving as Swat Team Leader for the Washington Field Office, was one of the Bureau's Advanced Capability Medics. While working in the FBI's Counterterrorism Division, John acquired substantial knowledge and expertise in the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Law (a.k.a. shari'ah) and teaching, and the Global Islamic Movement (GIM). His accumulated knowledge on these and related subjects earned him the FBI's "Subject Matter Expert" (SME)" designation, a role that afforded him the opportunity to design and implement the FBI's first counter-terrorism training”.

Guandolo has been giving this same presentation, since 2003, to the U.S. intelligence community, before it was ‘outlawed” by our government. He obviously knows this material inside and out. The evidence for MB infiltration into our government is epically overwhelming. Not only that, the evidences of Al Quada and Hamas infiltration are also as overwhelming.

Take for instance Aldurahman Alamoudi and Anwar Alawki. Aldurahman Alamoudi was the top advisor to Bill Clinton on Islam. Alamoudi also started over 20 MB front groups in America, our Military Muslim Chaplin Program and was instrumental in choosing textbooks on Islam in American public schools. It turns out that not only is he MB, he is also Hammas and is in prison now for plotting with Hammas to kill a Saudi Arabian Prince and providing financing to Hammas. Anwar Alawki was the top advisor to George W. Bush on 911 and was the go to guy about policy towards Islam after 911. After many months of advising the administration and even holding prayer events at the U.S. Capitol Building, it was determined that Anwar Alawki was Hammas. Years later Obama would order a drone missile strike to take Anwar Alawki out. And it is almost as bad now as it was then. COULD WE AT LEAST KEEP HAMMAS OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT?

Damon Whitsell said...


This briefing is also available on an 80 minute DVD entitled,,, “Understanding The Threat To America”,,, at

Here is some description text from that site. “On August 20, 2004, two Baltimore County, MD police officers spotted Selim Elbarasse and his wife videotaping the 4.3-mile-long Chesapeake Bay Bridge. When they reported the sighting to Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA) Police at the toll plaza, officers stopped Elbarasse's SUV west of the bridge. Police confiscated the camera, and afterward reported having seen the Elbarasses, who were accompanied by two children, attempting to hide the camera. The confiscated video contained close-up footage of Chesapeake Bay Bridge support structures. When officers ran a criminal background check, they discovered that Elbarasse was wanted on an outstanding material witness warrant out of Chicago in a case involving the terrorist group Hamas and Elbarasse was detained.

When agents of the FBI’s Washington, DC Field Office raided Elbarasse's Annandale, Virginia home and searched his basement, they found a hidden sub-basement containing the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. The seized documents, which revealed a secret Muslim Brotherhood strategy to infiltrate and overthrow the United States Government and replace the Constitution with Islamic Law, were subsequently entered into evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing case in US history. Further investigation and discovery confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood had not only penetrated the Federal Government at the highest levels, but had been running a sophisticated influence operation from within the Federal Bureaucracy for decades. Contrary to sound reason, the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of government and influence in the affairs of state has not decreased, but has grown much worse since.

Understanding the Threat to America lays bare the danger posed by those who masquerade as “moderate Muslims” to gain our trust while they work secretly to overthrow of our way of life; exposes the individual actors, organizational infrastructure, and modus operandi of the "civilizational jihad;" and arms viewers with useful information and practical steps they can take to reverse the "Civilization Jihad" in America.”

The same briefing, given years ago, is also available here

After I watched both presentations of the briefing, I ordered the 80 minute DVD and sent a letter to Guandolo requesting an interview by email and for access to a brochure he mentioned and has produced called The Muslim Brotherhood Handbook.

THIS INTELLIGENCE BRIEF IS SO POWERFUL that I am also buying video editing software to take the different sections of the brief, cut them up, and upload them everywhere I can. And when I get the 80 minute DVD, I will be making it available on ALL my YouTube accounts and I will self host the video on my server if it is taken down from youtube. THE BRIEFING IS THAT GOOD AND NECESSARY.


Anonymous said...

To: IftiIftikharAkharA From: Bob Smith

Thanks for your comment.

In general I do not see Muslims as a problem. But Islam is a problem. Unfortunately Muslims bring Islam along with them.

Islam is a pathetic perverted system that destroys the unique humanity within Muslims. Islamic theology (1) is not the word of God. And (2) it is most likely the word of the devil.

Islam creates a system that brainwashes a majority of Muslims and creates an unseen army of jihadis that prey on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

You have never had a free choice to do or be anything but a Muslim. And like all Muslims – if you try to quit, criticize, or question Islam you have to fear for your life.

The sum total of Islam is a sick backward society that can’t do anything but kill in the name of God. Name anything produced in any Muslim country that is world class. Is there a Muslim car, boat, plane, watch, pen, any world class medical devices, fancy clothes. Name a world class Muslim writer, how about doctor, or scientist, maybe a chemist. Name anything at all that comes from a Muslim country that meets a world class standard. You can’t. And you can’t because Islam destroys the best minds that are part of Islam by killing anyone who speaks up.

Islam is a giant system that brainwashes the majority of Muslims and teaches them (and you included) that all of the Muslim short comings are the fault of someone else. The rants in your comment blame everything on the Brits, the Americans, the Australians the English speakers. What an easy cop out.

Why is it that other emigrants can come to Western English speaking societies and do quite well. And why is it that Muslims can’t seem to get along in non-English speaking places like Thailand and the Philippines? Why? Because Islam is the problem. Every place on the face of the globe where Muslims are - you will find a backward society with strife and a complete lack of civility.

Why is it that Western society can put a man on the moon, an iphone in your hand, the internet at your disposal, modern medicines for you to use, jumbo jets for you to fly on, cars for you to drive and all you can do is bitch? And the answer is Islam.

Islam – the biggest scab on mankind in the history of the earth. I am sorry for you. Break the intellectual chains and become a part of humanity.

Mohammad was a pedophile, murdering thug – and not a prophet of God. You can break free.

Anonymous said...

i'm a Muslim....this issues regarding the talk and theories about how Islam teaches terrorism, the cycles and all the fear relating to it is absurd...funny....i once have christian roommates and even atheist in my room...and we can even talk freely about our belief....if what u say is true,then why we can still be friends...we shop together,eat together and do everything together...and the majority in my country is Muslims....and we live perfectly harmony with each other...we even can talk about Jesus without anyone get killed at the end of the day....if what you wrote is true,then the minority in my country which is not Muslim will surely be dead by your theory,i have to say have lots of mistakes in it....

you should try to understand something deeply before trying to talk about it...your research and all the books and articles you have read is biased and one sided...try to understand Islam in its view Al-Quran and hadith too as your resources before debating about it your argument will not be one sided...

and about the so called Muslims extremist and killers, are you sure they are Muslims?their religion is Islam? many have pretend to be Muslims and create chaos so that the good name of Islam contaminated...and if Islam teach terrorism, why day by days many people converts to Islam....?and what will you say if i say that history have been darken so people doesn't see the contribution of Islamic thinker in mathematics,sciences, astrology, medical and other branches of knowledge in this world?

may Allah save all of us...inshaAllah...aameen...sorry if i have offended anyone in any way here....and please correct me if i am wrong....assalamualaikum

Anonymous said...

To my Muslim reader. From Bob Smith

Islam is a cult.

You have been brainwashed into believing Islamic theology.

It is all a lie. Mohammad was a murdering, thug, pedophile, and warlord. What would cause you to think he was sent by God as the perfect man?

Why is it so hard to see the truth about Islam?

You were born into the biggest cult that the earth has ever seen.

Look at the reality of Islam – a dysfunctional hell hole with nothing of value created by human effort.

Anonymous said...

You have a very good Bibliography, starting with Robert Spencer. Islam is as you have described it. Islam, hostile to the West, is infiltrating the West, even America especially under Obama.Among my peers I am a 'pariah' a 'hate monger'. They don't know my best friend( a true friend) is a Muslim. I have been privately studying Islam for a few years. I have to remain silent among my peers who are educated men. From Canada.

Anonymous said...

Peace be upon you. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND MUHAMMED IS HIS LAST MESSANGER. You guys have insulted my religion and I feel very sorry for you, for you will taste molten rock in hell fire.

Anonymous said...

And why the hell would anyone think a child pedophile was a messenger of God?

Aisha was 9 years old when Mohammad (54) had sex with her. That’s pedophilia. Don’t tell me that the times are different. I know as well as you that Islamic theology says that Mohammad is the perfect example for all times. And now it is not correct for 54 year old men to have sex with 9 year old girls. And it has never been OK for 54 year old men to have sex with 9 year old girls.

Only a perverted “religion” would teach such a thing.”

If you believe that it is OK for 54 year old men to have sex with 9 year old girls – you have been brainwashed by Islam. It is not OK for 54 year old men to have sex with 9 year old girls. Get over it. You have been fed a bunch of lies.

Grow up and think for yourself. Or did Islam remove your brain.

Muslims always refuse to directly address the facts about Islam. It is proof that Islam brainwashes Muslims. Refusal to deal with the issue of Aisha is typical Muslim denial.

As for insulting your religion – what a joke. Islam is a big insult to humanity. Think of it – 1.5 billion people stuck believing that a child pedophile is a messenger of God. Islam is an insult to itself. And all Muslims are the victims. Grow a brain – think for yourself. Do you want some dirty 54 year old man to screw your 9 year old daughter, sister, cousin? If you do – you are a fool.

Anonymous said...

Ayesha and the Prophet did marry at age of six, but the marriage was completed, intercourse, at the age of nine. the reason for that is because she had reached puberty by then. 1400 years ago that was the age when women reached puberty, more specifically it was between 8-13. so if a girl, who had attained puberty (hence woman, duhh) can be in marriage with a man. age is not something to be made an issue of if both the male and the female can have intercourse. so, i guess calling the male a sick pervert is, kinda harsh, but also dumb! :)


Anonymous said...

Mohammad was a pedophile – Islam is a cult
I’d be embarrassed to be a Muslim

According to Islam’s most reliable source, "The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with 'Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)." (Bukhari 7.62.88) (Available on the internet at

Simply stated – When Mohammad was 54 years old he had sex (“consummated his marriage”) with his 9 year old child bride Aisha. By any standard of human decency, a 54 year old man should not have sex with a 9 year old little girl. Not today. Not 1,400 years ago. Never.

The usual Muslim excuse for this appalling example of child sexual abuse by - Islam’s founder - is that Mohammad’s actions 1,400 years ago should not be judged by today’s standards.

But this Muslim excuse does not stand up to examination. Because, Islam teaches - Mohammad - was the perfect human example for “all times”.

Sorry my Muslim friends - “all times” - includes today. And today it is not OK for a 54 year old man to have sex with 9 year old little girls.

And today - if a 54 year old man has sex with a 9 year old little girl – in any civilized country – they are guilty of a crime.

So my Muslim friends - I have to ask you. Do you really believe it is OK for 54 year old men to have sex with 9 year old little girls? Does Allah believe this too?

Muslim mothers - I have to ask you. Is it OK for some 51 year old man to marry your 6 year old daughter and have sex with her when she turns 9? Is that truly OK with you?

Until I see Muslims reforming a clearly flawed religion, I’d be embarrassed to be a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Your article is factual. Islam is an irrational pandemic among us.

The way women are treated is appalling. Further, any society that criminalizes enquiry, investigation, and rationalization will continue a downward slide.

I was astounded and fascinated that the Iraqis could come up with a list of 200 people to kill every night for months and months, based only on which sect of Islam one was in, in killings and revenge killings. The fact that the slaughter was unremitting shows the values held in Middle East

Unknown said...

Fuck your thoughts.. Islam still is the best.
fuck on your mouth

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading.

Unknown said...

no way islam is the real religion in this world. apps of islam

Anonymous said...

All the article is erroneous, fallacious and outrageous and utterly unworthy of reading let alone discussing.
The Truth is Islam is a true and peaceful religion and the followers of this great religion are very peace loving and progressing people who want to contribute positively to the world.
The death and devastation we are witnessing today is not by Muslims but it is the oppression and injustices committed by the so-called civilized societies.
The root cause of the problem which the world is attributing to the Muslims is emanating from the outrageous occupation of the holy lands of Palestine by the Oppressors and Usurpers and once the world show the grit and rise against the injustices committed against Muslims all over the world and bring about the justice and the whole world will be a very peaceful place to live and all the misconceptions about Muslims and Islam will vanish from the world.

Anonymous said...

This article is written and the so-called research documents compiled is for the intent of sowing discontent in the minds of the naive Americans about Muslims and branding them as violent people.
The truth, however, is that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America which preaches oneness of God and states Prophet Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah. The very recitation of this word of oneness is so attracting and endearing that people of open mind and intellectual can not resist its appeal and truthfulness and then embrace it as their faith and the true way to Salvation in this world and hereafter. This is the essence of Islam and this is what the Muslims want to achieve the success and the same they want for their fellow human brothers who have not yet found this truth and salvation.
The article which says that Muslims are violent and fear mongers is utterly obnoxious as the Muslims are bestowed with the priceless attribute which is called Islam and want all others to benefit from it for the success in the world and hereafter and those who got this message those lucky human beings are the Muslims.

Pierre said...

If you think this article is fallacious – prove it.

I give you, or anyone, an easy way to prove this article is incorrect. Simply put on a Mohammad cartoon T-shirt and ware it in a prominent place in a predominately Muslim country – like downtown Cairo. Walk around for an hour or so. Talk to a few people. Make sure they see your Mohammad cartoon T-shirt. Make a video of this. And post it on YouTube.

Good luck. I hope you don’t get hurt.

If you live – let me know.

By the way - thanks for reading.

Ankur said...

Thanks for your great informations, working in, URDUTAHZEEB, ASIAN AFFAIRS.

Try to post best informations like this always

Unknown said...

Having known these ideas and seeing them in written form is very encouraging. Please continue. Almost all of the people I know don't even have a clue about Islam. I will recommend this to as many as will listen.

Anonymous said...

Our most dangerous problem is not islam but the refusal of western authorities to accept the truth about the R.O.P.
Whilst it is somewhat infuriating to read the delusions and denials of muslims we need to remind ourselves that this is what they are required to do and that they generally don't have the mental capacity, discipline or courage to question islam (as proven in this article).

We ought to direct our efforts at our traitorous dhimmi leaders; VOTE THEM OUT and select those who are unafraid to call islam what it is.
Liberty GB/UKIP, Marine le Pen, Milos Zeman and others who scorn political correctness-

To Anonymous and other muslim radicals- you will bring down the power of western technology on your muslim brothers and be responsible for millions of their deaths. You will NOT win. Your dreams of world domination are 1000 years out of date.
Israel is proving this by destroying HAMAS in Gaza right now. Next will be the other islamic terror groups. Islam must be and will be neutralised.

g1lgam3sh said...

Cogent, concise and unblinking.

I have spread this far and wide over the years, time for props.

Nicely done, in both senses of the word.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Thank you for an excellent thesis. Agreeing with your conclusion that Islam is fear brings me to its anti-thesis concluded a long time ago. “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” 1 John 4:18.

There is no way that a system based on such fear can bring anything but a dysfunctional follower. It’s simply not possible. It is nothing less than a miracle for a Muslim to see the light and escape from such a dark indoctrination because of the following truth: “By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” Matt 7:16, 17

There are many thesis and anti-thesis examples that can shed some light on the problem of understanding Islam. You have violence and fear opposite mercy and love, Satan opposite God, Mohammed opposite Christ, bad tree bad fruits opposite good tree good fruits, confusion opposite order, lies and deception opposite truth and so on. To avoid the confusion and understand what Islam is we can from your thesis now put Islam in the same fruit basket together with fear, violence, deception and death. Muslims should by now be able to get a grip of what Islam is, repent of the evil and dump it. As a famous scientist once said, there is nothing more stupid in the world than doing the same experiment again and again and expecting a different result.

Pastafarian said...

Congrats for an excellent article, Bob. But I think you are mistaken when you call this a 'flaw'. It is rather an in-built feature preventing criticism of Islam. I should know. I am an ex-muslim, currently a pastafarian.

Anonymous said...

Not much different from the nazis or the communists.

Anonymous said...

You say:
"This system even finds a way to harness the destructive power of its young male social misfits."

In fact, the system creates misfits.
The misfit isn't a glitch, but a goal.
One way the system creates misfits is by making females unavailable for dating.
Another way is through poor economic planning and corruption.
Another way is by allowing rich men to have multiple wives, thus diminishing the availability of females.
As a result, a seething underclass of frustrated and resentful young men is being constantly generated.

With those options (or more accurately, without those options), gaining social power through religious zealotry becomes the least bad social role available.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the fatal flaw. Take a look at what the Swedish politicians have done to their country with unlimited Muslim immigration and see the result. There was none of this just a few decades ago.

Anonymous said...

This article is very important, and I wish it could be more widely disseminated. Although there are plenty of articles discussing Islam, your ideas are extremely simple to understand and difficult to counter.

You should seek to get this published on one of the more major sites like Jihadwatch, Frontpagemag etc. to reach a wider audience.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous writer above. From Bob Smith

Thanks for your comments. My article has been published by a number of sights.

Please spread the word.

vcragain said...

I just read thru your 'thesis' of what is going on with Islam and it certainly fits. I am in the US (from UK 35 yrs ago) and watched mosques sprouting up in London in the 70's onward and started to feel very jittery about the sheer number of them. This feeling of "something is going on" has never left me, and now seems completely justified. Now I have a very deep loathing of the whole Muslim "thing". I think we all have wondered "why?" no one seems to be coming out and condemning the violence from the Muslim side, and that is it - they all know they have to keep quiet. It can also be explained by reading the accounts of anyone who leaves a cult and tells their story - they felt too scared to say what they were feeling, they were bullied into "following along" and only got out by literally running far from the group - Scientology, David Koresh's group, Mormons, all the same quiet control going on. Maybe it's time to start "get out of Islam" rescue groups?? - think how we deal with the other cults - THAT is what is needed. Poor people, they are totally brainwashed !!

Worst nightmare said...

This is an AWESOME commentary on the religion of Islam. You really have done your research on this subject.
I fear that unless the media in the US grows a pair, Islam will continue to grow, especially with our muslim loving president bringing the thousands of Syrian refugees here. Then we will have to prepare ourselves for the kind of jihad that is going on in London.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that the muslim world needs a reformation.

I think the western world needs another reformation, in which it understands that these 7th century savages are incompatible with modern democratic western society.

It would be quite easy to achieve this if western males were not quite so feminised. They would simply prohibit muslim immigration into their homelands.

They would then start on the long march to take back the lands which the muslims have invaded and conquered and destroyed over the last 1000 years, starting with the european bit of Turkey, then all of north africa, then iran then all of the southern russian republics then northern india and pakistan.

Anonymous said...

This article puts a very interesting slant on the whole thing - I had often commented on the question of 'where are all the Muslim dissidents?' noting that we never hear a single word from anyone when something violent happens and we are all waiting for a response.
Now I suppose I must be on their list too, because I have certainly said what I think very vociferously on many occasions, so now I should keep an eye out for anyone with a knife trying to chop my head off ? Good grief how sick is this whole thing !
It is the stuff like this that makes it all so disgraceful and so totally unacceptable. This in my opinion IS SATAN (if he exists as a being,) it could not be more obvious what the whole thing represents. I am not religious myself, but really this whole situation is screaming 'end times!' !!! I assume now that we will not be able to stop what is happening unless we actually go to war with them, and just as we all thought things in the world were improving - how wrong can you be ? Good grief how stupid can humans be !

Anonymous said...

On thinking about this whole thing I am wondering if we should actually set up "After Islam" centers in all towns so that Muslims who want to leave have somewhere to go - rather like the 'battered women' safe houses. Wouldn't this make things much simpler for all those who would like to leave but simply CANNOT ? Then they could be helped to restart their lives in new towns or away from their old communities.

6536554 said...

I've just recently come across this article. Well written & well thought out. Islam is a Pestilence, a cockroach infestation on the world. Like a cancer, it must be treated with Radiation at the source, Mecca & Medina. If we eliminate the 'Moon' rock that they all pray to, eradication would go much quicker. Of course, Chemical treatment is also necessary in treating cancer & should be applied regularly & liberally throughout the cesspool of Islamic countries. Islam will never be able to co-exist within any civilized country. It is a cult founded by Lucifer, with the goal of Murdering/Raping/Pillaging all Humanity. It MUST be eliminated!

Anonymous said...

The world is trying to wipe out IS thinking this will solve the problem. The problem is the ideology, IS is just a manifestation of it. They need a large piece of desert where they can all practice their system with a big fence all the way around and a one way gate to go in (but not out) very soon they will all be gone as they are incapable of building or creating anything, only destruction. I hope the west wakes up before it is to late (if it isn't already).

XXX said...

Strawman argument. Indeed those 19 do represent Islam. You are confused as to the meaning of “Muslim” and “Islam”. Do not conflate the two. Islam is the political/Theocratic ideology of Muhammad, the Quran and the Hadiths. Islam is not a person. A Muslim is someone that claims to follow Islam. A Muslim is a person. Sure, not all claimed Muslims follow Islam. Islam is shit, not all Muslims are.

Anonymous said...

ISLAM is Satan's religion shrouded in Sharia Law. The true God of the universe would not enslave mankind. Satan does that.


6536554 said...

truthaboutislam Said in the above comment:"Awesome shared really great article Some media propaganda as Muslims are fundamentalists, Islam is barbaric and terrorists, These are just some labels that have been wrongly applied to Muslims in the recent years. The media’s portrayal of Islam often misleads those whose knowledge of the religion is limited, into making negative assumptions about Islam.
Muslims Are Not Terrorists"

ABSOULTLY WRONG! Remember 'Taqiyya', Muslims are permitted to Lie in the furtherance of Islam. Islam itself is TERRORISM! Islam is SATANIC & must be wiped off the face of the Earth.